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“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Oscar Wilde.
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Sep 29, 2016

Our guest today is Saurav Dutt. Saurav is an Author and Political Commentator whose writing focuses on human rights issues, ranging from women's rights, honour-based violence, racism and geopolitics. His new book "The Butterfly Room" chronicles the issues of violence against women as well as the taboo issue of homophobia. His political columns cover wide-ranging topics such as the GOP, Conservatism, and geopolitical issues. His book has met with considerable critical acclaim, leading to appearances on BBC Radio and Television, Sky News, RT (Russia Today), Press TV (of Iran) and has been showcased on ABC and MSNBC News amongst others [and has made it across the desks of Amnesty International, The UN, Former PM David Cameron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

On Brexit: "I'm a proud British Indian, but that didn't stop so many 'fans' calling me a sell-out c**t" 

On Writing: "It's a bit like vomiting. You just have to get it out. The art is in the editing. Just like film." 

"...any writer who doesn't read, needs a whack on the head!"

"Don't let anyone rain on your parade. You'll get a lot of criticism in writing. Bear in mind they probably don't even have a parade to rain on!

Connect with Saurav and enjoy his varied and incisive blog

Sep 20, 2016

Jack Donovan - @starttheworld on Instagram - is Author of a number of books including; ‘The Way of Men’. and ‘Becoming a Barbarian’.

He also Hosts ‘Start The World’ Podcast on Itunes/Stitcher Radio

"You get into a survival situation - which would be prison - and guys are gonna gravitate towards guys like them. Tribalism is our natural instinct and we are preventing that because tribalism is very inconvenient in the modern world... because it effects commerce."

"...try to not follow the news cycle. Writing about that stuff, no one cares about it in a week. So I want to write about more universal things so right now I'm writing an essay on Brotherhood."

"I don't have a small vocabulary. I'd much rather write short tight little sentencesI like to try to write the way I'd talk to someone in a bar. Not using fancy long words to show how well you write. That's the worst writing to read... people who are pretentious about their writing."

'The Seawolf' by Jack London.




Sep 15, 2016

Michael Auslin ( @MichaelAuslin ) is a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and National Review. He has advised the US government on Asian and global security issues. He is a resident scholar, and the director of Japan Studies at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he specializes in Asian regional security and political issues. Before joining AEI, Dr. Auslin was an associate professor of history at Yale University.  

"The only good dissertation (or book) is a finished dissertation - just write it!" 




Sep 12, 2016

Our guest today is @gregstevens Greg Stevens. Greg formerly taught at UCLA and is now a research scientist - a Data Modeling & Analytics Specialist to be precise. Greg still writes on science topics for Second Nexus and The Daily Dot. His writing has also appeared in Salon.Com, Inside, The Week, The Good Men Project, and Real Clear Technology. Greg also blogs about science, philosophy, politics, religion, history, culture and fitness at 

"The fact that you can come up with an intelligent argument for your position is not by itself evidence for that position. You need to ask yourself, can I come up with a really smart argument for the other side as well. And that is what you need to argue against!" 

He recommends we all read 'Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid' by Douglas Hofstadter.


Sep 8, 2016

Today's guest is Raheem Kassam @RaheemKassam - Editor in chief @BreitbartLondon If you don’t know about Breitbart yet… they’re a news organisation founded in 2007 by commentator and entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart in the USA and are currently top of the Twitter league table for news sites.

On his background - 'I was a previous regular Mosque going Muslim, but it's just not for me... I was more interested in going to the pub'

How he ended up as UKIP and Nigel Farage advisor - "I got to know Nigel Farage by drinking in Westminster pubs!'

'You don't quite realise how corrupt almost everything, and everyone is!'



Sep 1, 2016

Michael A Sherlock. Michael is an Atheist and Humanist Speaker.. the Author of books including; 'The Gospel of Atheism and Freethought: according to Sherlock', Blasphemy: The Selected Works of a Blaspheming Atheist', 'I Am Christ' and 'Tell Me More'. Michael is also the founder of Founder of ‘Human Rights for Atheists, Agnostics & Secularists’. He holds a BA, Pol Sci & Sociology. He's Studying MA in Religion and his aim as an author is to expose the "sacred" lies, frauds and forgeries of religion.

"To live an honest life, you're going to necessarily make people angry, and you need to develop a thick skin. Better to make some people angry than to sit by and let atrocity and injustice carry on without hindrance."

Catch up with Michael on Twitter @sherlockmichael