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In less time than your commute takes we bring you a dose of danger from today's exciting writers including Scott Adams, Peter Hitchens and Nick Cohen. “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Oscar Wilde. Your host Thor, mines for stories of previous failures, useable writing tips, and discovers how they got published to begin with! We bring the sort of Libertarian conversation, which happens when you are willing to listen and debate with writers of all political or religious persuasions and none. Might you be a writer with courage?
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Mar 16, 2017

Today's Write With Courage podcast guest is Nicholas Pell (Twitter @NicholasPell ) 

Nick is an American freelance opinion and culture writer with a knack for both enthralling and (the reason I ran across him) annoying his readers. 

His work has appeared in the Irish Times, Washington Post, LA Weekly, Reason, VICE, Playboy and others.

On writing he says - So much of how you make it in writing is just getting turned down 50,000 times, and then the 50,001 time is the time that somebody takes it. I mean you've gotta have a thick skin!”

On haters - Years ago I wrote an article saying that I hated Pearl Jam, and I just woke up to like, 300 people saying they wanted to kill me…


Mar 8, 2017

Today's  Write With Courage guest is Chris Delamo. Chris is a freelance writer and YouTuber, Red Pill Philosopher and proud Cuban Latino living in Miami

On writing and career choice - I wanted to be a published author one day…but that's how the school system cordons you off… they have this pre-set list of things you can choose... I’ve found life is a lot more malleable and fluid than most of us realize… I still use the writing skills I was passionate about to write my scripts…and more important, I love editing!

On video content creation - Content is better when you’re so passionate to create it, it’s not even a choice. It’s brewing inside you…You just have to let it out!

On marketing, and positioning your creative self - Sometimes you're going to offend people…when you say what's on your mind and you don't filter it you're going to polarize people…some people are going love it, and some are gonna hate it…so do not even try to get mainstream appeal.

His RedPillPhilosopher YouTube Channel Twitter @RedPillTweets

Mar 4, 2017

Today’s guest is Dominic Frisby. Dominic is a MoneyWeek financial writer and comedian. 

Life After the State


Bitcoin The Future of Money

He’s a Comedian (a show about tax?), actor of unrecognized genius and voice of many things… @DominicFrisby