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In less time than your commute takes we bring you a dose of danger from today's exciting writers including Scott Adams, Peter Hitchens and Nick Cohen. “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Oscar Wilde. Your host Thor, mines for stories of previous failures, useable writing tips, and discovers how they got published to begin with! We bring the sort of Libertarian conversation, which happens when you are willing to listen and debate with writers of all political or religious persuasions and none. Might you be a writer with courage?
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Aug 25, 2016

Our guest today, Ed Latimore, is a 13 times Undefeated (13-0) Heavyweight Professional Boxer From Pittsburgh. He’s also a Chess nerd. Physicist Army National Guard. and of course… Ed is a writer! Ed comes highly recommended by Mike Cernovich, a previous guest on WWC!

Catch him on Twitter @EdLatimore

Aug 18, 2016

Today Thor ( @ThorHolt ) talks to @SpikedOnline and @Spectator writer Candice Holdsworth. Candice began her own blog and was talent spotted by Spiked via Twitter.

"The best sort of writing is clean clear prose. Simplify."

"I didn't hit my groove...until I started saying what I really thought"

"Write what you truly think. Or you'll never really connect..." 

"You write because you have to. Writing is a compulsion. Otherwise, why would you choose to do it?"

The article we mention in the podcast Clinton and May: The Hollow Women of Politics

Catch up with Candice on Twitter @CandiceCarrie 


Aug 11, 2016

Today's guest talking to Thor ( @thorholt ) is Mark Blyth. Writer, Professor of Political Economy at Brown University and Author of Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea, & Great Transformations.

"When you write, there has to be something at risk"

Catch up with Mark on Twitter @mkblyth or visit 

Aug 9, 2016 talks to five-time Hugo Award nominee, Science Fiction Author and Publisher Vox Day talks writing, politics, his American Indian heritage and partying with Donald Trump and Henry Kissinger!

Vox writes epic fantasy as well as non-fiction about religion, philosophy, and economics. He's a professional game designer who speaks four languages and a three-time Billboard Top 40 Club Play recording artist. His books have been translated into 10 languages.

To get an introduction to his Sci-Fi Vox suggests 'A Magic Broken' available at Amazon.

Enjoy some banter with the self-titled 'Supreme Darl Lord of The Evil Legion of Evil' @VoxDay on Twitter. His publishing company is

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Aug 4, 2016

Thor Holt ( @thorholt ) talks to Candice Malcolm. Candice is a very well-read classical liberal writer. She pens a regular column in the Toronto Sun and contributes at @TheRebelTV. Candice has just published a searing book on Canadian playboy Prime minister Justin Trudeau with, "Losing True North: Justin Trudeau's Assault on Canadian Citizenship."

"I try to write every day even if I don't publish it"

"Stay true to your values and persevere"

Connect with Candice on twitter @CandiceMalcolm or at